“I had the privilege to work with Mark while photographing one of his large, multi-day conferences. From the very first conversation with him, Mark was very open to discussing my questions, as well as providing event information that I was unaware of. He immediately welcomed me as part of his team, instead of simply an outside contractor. Onsite, Mark ensured that I had everything I needed and kept me completely up to date with any conference changes. The entire experience was smooth and successful, and I would not hesitate to work with Mark again in the future.”

Josh Power: Vendor contracted for 2016 conference

Dear Mark:
“Thank you again for the opportunity to work alongside you at the DMA Nonprofit Federation Logistics Team event in August. You truly define the meaning of professionalism. From the moment we were hired for Photography/Photo Booth services, your level of communication, dedication to your work and overall organization made the entire event seamless. It was a pleasure working with you and we would highly recommend you and Stellato Meeting Solutions to potential clients.”

Michael Battone, VP of Sales, Beau Monde Sound: Vendor contracted for 2016 conference

“Mark is an exceptional employee, colleague and most importantly, human being. As a manager, Mark leads by example and motivates his team to work at the highest standard. He drives team education and communication, and does so with grace. His dedication and work ethic are unparalleled. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him and am confident that anyone and everyone who gets that opportunity, would say the same thing!”

Krystal Bushell: Contractor and colleague across multiple projects

“Mark is a very dedicated, passionate and hard-working meeting planner. I feel with his professionalism, attention to detail, and dependability he would be an asset to any organization or corporation. Expect great things from Mark in the future.”

Chris Bunting: Sponsor, exhibitor, and member of association served

“Mark is a very organized and professional meeting planner. His attention to detail and follow thru are of the highest level. As an example, his assistance in the registration of over 40 hotel representatives as part of the Hyatt row during the trade show was crucial to a successful event. Professionally and personally it is a pleasure working with Mark and I recommend you contact him to experience his positive attitude.”

Anthony Guida: Sponsor, exhibitor, and member of association served

“Mark Harvey is one of the most organized and professional Meetings Managers that I’ve ever had the opportunity to work with. The first year Mark arrived at the organization it was very noticeable at the Annual Education Conference that things were changing for the better of all members. His attention to detail and ability to make every stakeholder in the organization feel valued is refreshing and welcomed. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for the ultimate professional.”

Belinda Thompson: Conference attendee and member of organization served

“I have had the pleasure to work with Mark for the last five years. Mark is devoted, detailed and one of the best industry partners I have ever been associated with. His attention to detail and follow through are second to none. Every occasion I have called upon him for assistance or to resolve an issue, he has made me feel like I was the only person he had to work with. His response time to all requests has always been immediate and thorough. One on one he is gracious, warm and welcoming. I would recommend Mark for any position – he would be an incredible asset to any company in any position.”

Denise Benyak: Sponsor, exhibitor, and member of association served

“I have worked with Mark for the last five years through the Certified Government Meeting Professional program at the Society of Government Meeting Professionals. Mark is well organized, articulate, completely reliable and easy to work with. He has a great sense of humor, which I consider a survival requirement. Mark will be an asset wherever he directs his talents. I recommend Mark without hesitation.”

Garland Preddy, contractor and colleague across multiple projects

“I endorse Mark Harvey without any hesitation. I was first impressed with Mark when he was handed the project of overseeing the success of a major annual convention when his predecessor left unexpectedly. While the situation was undoubtedly stressful, Mark impressed by remaining exceptionally cool under pressure. This year, he surpassed all expectations by putting on an equally dazzling performance. Learning from the previous year, I don’t think I even saw Mark sweat this year. He’s determined, a perfectionist, a doer, and won’t fail.”

Brett Sterenson: Conference attendee and National Board member of organization served

“Mark is one of the hardest working and most engaging people I’ve ever met. He sets a high standard for success and won’t settle for anything less. His accomplishments are further highlighted by the fact that he does so while maintaining an exceptionally positive attitude and empowers and motivates everyone around him – no small feat. He is a natural-born leader with great instincts about the people he works with and the clients he serves. His attention to detail, level of customer service and loyalty are some of the most outstanding I’ve ever encountered. There is no task too small or too challenging that Mark cannot master with finesse. He is adept at balancing the needs of his clients with any budget or logistic limitations, putting out fires, and is incredibly resourceful. If he doesn’t have an answer, he knows exactly where to go to find it. He is one of the few people I would ever consider starting a business with. I cannot recommend him enough. He is an absolute star and team player and I truly hope we have the opportunity to work together again soon.”

Jennifer Richter: Colleague across multiple projects

“Mark’s trouble-shooting skills shine brightest during the craziest moments of last minute conference logistic issues, such as at the Midyear Clinical Meeting. Mark has the tangible ability to listen to concerns or problems and distill that into an action items of things that need to be done to address the concern. He demonstrated this to all of the ASHP staff and impressed me with his willingness to go above and beyond any request that comes his way.”

Mary Andrawis: Staff member of organization served

“I have always found Mark to be above all a professional. His enthusiasm is contagious, his ability to multi-task superb! Mark would be a definite asset to any organization!”

Suzi (Susan) Silverio Ginsburg: Staff member at organization served

“Mark was a tremendous asset to our office. His knowledge of the computer and systems assisted our office, and he was the go to guy, when you had a question in this area. He would go out of the way to insure complete guest satisfaction! His attention to detail is wonderful. He was an asset to our entire office!”

Jeffrey Perrin: Staff member at organization served

“Mark is always willing to help and goes above and beyond in any way that he can. If Mark encounters a problem, he owns the problem and finds way to not only fix the problem to the best of his ability but he does his best to ensure it does not happen again. He is a gentleman with a hard working demeanor that gets the job done. He is a true asset to anyone that works with him and I am a better sales person today because of my continued interaction with him. Thank you very much.”

Lisa Byard: Staff member at organization served

“Mark is intelligent and dedicated to every task he is presented with. He seeks continuing education and networking opportunities to further his growth, both as an employee and as a person. Mark exudes tremendous leadership skills and always makes fellow colleagues and team players feel at ease and that they are fully a part of the grand success. Given that the meeting planning world has frequent high stress level moments, this is a high compliment as it is difficult to achieve.”

Kristin K. Ray: Colleague and fellow Tourism and Events Management Bachelor of Science alumnus