About Ethos and Mark Harvey

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The formation of Ethos Meetings and Events has taken place over a very long period of time. It began as the voice on the reservations line when booking your vacation getaway more than twenty years ago. It has served as your concierge, your travel agent, your logistics expert. It has grown into being your industry partner, your budgetary guiding light, your floor manager, your stakeholder, and many times a supportive friend. Ethos is the way the work is done when experience magnetizes multiple industry sectors to build a more complete definition of service; while still seeing every attendee as a VIP and every group as its own individual entity. Ethos is the unique representation of your culture as expressed when your group assembles. Ethos is your credibility. Ethos is where the rubber meets the road.

But please don’t take my word for it; feel free to browse what other industry leaders are saying about Ethos Meetings and Events here.

My current dedication to the industry comes in many forms, including PCMA, MPI, and my own company’s pro-bono work in the community. I have served on the Capital Chapter Communications Committee, receiving the “Star of the Year” for my contribution to that committee. Additionally, I contribute to MPI locally as a volunteer and regularly seek committee positions as well. I further extend my engagement with the community through no-cost support of non-profit arts organizations such as the Keegan Theatre in Washington, DC; serving as Event Planner for their fundraising events each year. I have been recognized as a recipient of Collinson Media’s “Forty under Forty” award to industry innovators, and I also hold four industry certifications including the highest level of professional development for Meetings Professionals, the CMM.

I formed Ethos Meetings and Events in an effort to perform “meaningful work” for clients who need an extra amount of attention. I sincerely believe in the missions of the organizations that I serve. I work to promote your purpose and to further the success of your staff. Are you ready to show the world what makes your work meaningful? Are you ready for a level of support that makes your life easier while making you look calm and capable to your stakeholders? Are you ready to get those budgetary figures in order to make the most of a challenging allotment of funds?

You’ve been waiting for Ethos. Let’s talk….